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Jane Bunnett

Multiple Juno Award winner, Jane Bunnett has turned her bands into showcases for the finest talent from Canada, the U.S.and Cuba. She has been nominated for Grammy Awards, numerous Juno Awards, and most recently, was honoured with an appointment to the Order of Canada.

An internationally acclaimed musician, Jane Bunnett is known for her creative integrity, improvisational daring and courageous artistry. Her exploration of Afro-Cuban melodies expresses the universality of music and her ability to embrace and showcase the rhythms and culture of Cuba has been groundbreaking. She has toured the world bringing her own special sound to numerous jazz festivals, displaying her versatility as a flutist, saxophone player and pianist. As an educator, spokesperson and social activist, she remains unafraid to explore uncharted territory in her quest for excellence!


Creole Choir of Cuba

The Creole Choir of Cuba is widely acclaimed within Cuba for their vibrant dancing and spectacular harmonies. However, outside of Cuba, this vocal and percussion ensemble remains virtually unknown.

Referred to as “Desandann” domestically, the group is composed of descendants from several waves of Haitian migrants who escaped slavery at the end of the 18th century, or, more recently, came as labourers to work Cuba’s sugar plantations. They have preserved musical treasures from Haiti, Dominica, and Cuba with information gathered form generations of Haitian immigrants by performing music rich with information from other Creole speaking Caribbean nations.